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Give the Master/Missy from Doctor Who their own series

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The Master/Missy has been one of Doctor Who's most iconic, interesting and brilliant characters since 1971. Apart from the Masters greatest friend and enemy ''the Doctor'' the Master is the Time Lord the vast majority of fans both classic and new connect with and cherish dearly as a character. The Master throughout the years has been played brilliantly by a number of excellent actors both in the television series and the audios by Big Finish. The Masters latest incarnation Missy (played by Michelle Gomez) has been a fantastic version of the Master. Gomez deserves nothing but praise and recognition for her portrayal of the Master, she brings both terror and fun to the show with ease, it's almost like she was born for the role in the same way Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool.  

From examples of shows where the main character is the villain such as the highly successful shows Breaking Bad and Dexter we know that the mass audience are not turned off by but often find ''bad''  lead characters to be extremely fun and interesting to watch and connect with. 

So with that in mind, I truly believe the Master/Missy deserves a shot at their very own spin-off series, even if it is just a limited mini-series. I believe the BBC should seriously consider such a proposal. With the right writers and with Gomez on board a Master series has the potential to be highly successful. Gomez herself has actually stated in interviews that she would be interested in starring in her own spin-off series as can be read in the link below.

Michelle is truly a standout actress and deserves the chance to shine in her own series and to expand the Master even further as a character for audiences everywhere to enjoy. 


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