BRING BACK MERLIN (reboot/film/season6/meetup)

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Over 5 long years, millions of fans, myself included have become enchanted by the incredible creativity, brilliant actors, stunning scenery, detailed sets and breath-taking locations. Merlin tapped into an ancient legend, made it its own, while still representing it properly. They breathed life into an old story and made it relatable and intriguing. The twists and turns have always been different, but all very clever.

However, maybe the most important twist, we fans see as a bad mistake. Seeing as it is the last episode it has clouded the amazing memories from the TV Show. Now, instead of looking back and re-watching old episodes, recounting Arthur and Merlins journey, we are haunted by the ending.

After ALL that Merlin and Arthur had faced it was a magic blade that killed him?  Seems a little pathetic. But worst of all when it killed him, it killed our FAITH. Merlin and Arthur were meant to unite the kingdoms, bring peace to those persecuted, be the once and future king. He didn't LIVE long enough to do so. The DRAGON said ARTHUR and MERLIN were to do this, not Guinevere, so how do we know if it happened at all! My bet is it didn't, which makes the whole series rather pointless.

The land they were supposed to create never existed; making everything Merlin did utterly pointless. They left so many questions unanswered.

Was magic ever allowed in Camelot again?

What happened to the kingdom when Gwen died?

Did Merlin ever return to Camelot to see his friends (Gwaine, Gaius)?

Why did you stick to the legend at the end but not the start?

Why didn’t Merlin call Kilgharrah at the beginning, BEFORE Arthur died?

Did Albion ever exist? If so why didn’t we ever get to see it?

Merlin has captured the minds and imaginations of people all around the globe. They have promoted positive attitudes, good morals, important values, free will, justice, freedom, hope, different cultures all the while mixed in with humor and moving plots. They were competitors with Doctor Who, matched its figures. Surely all of this is too much to throw away.

 I know all good things must come to an end. But Merlin’s time is not yet up. Thousands if not millions of fans will testify for this.

I think they should FINISH what they started LIKE they started it.

Bring Merlin back xx

(its been 9 years, 3 months, 12 days to be exact.)