BBC NOT to sack Chris Packham

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This is a counter-petition to petition to sack Chris Packham. We need ambassadors for climate change and the nurturing of nature. The views of Sir David Attenborough, Dr. Jane Goodall and Harrison Ford are accepted without question, however harsh the message and the views expressed. Chris Packham is an influential ambassador who has inspired public engagement and interest in wildlife and nature conservation, and for taking local nature-focused action for the benefit of human and non-human animals alike. Chris' BBC-aired documentaries relating to autism and Asperger's Syndrome, alongside the positive influence of the power of nature upon human well-being, are thoroughly researched and presented in a way that makes the message clear. This may be interpreted, by others, as uncomfortable but there is usually a moral and ethical reason behind why Chris is presenting such messages. As with all television, people have the right to switch off or watch something else. The same goes for Twitter and Facebook messages, in the same way as with all contributors. However, Chris' messages are well-researched, carefully considered and inspire people to take positive action that benefits nature, especially wildlife and climate change, all of which has an unarguable impact upon our survival as other tenants on this planet.

We are only tenants on this fabulous, beautiful, entrancing and awesomely inspiring planet of ours. This one and only planet is our forever home, where we need nature but nature does not need us. To paraphrase Philip Marsden, the oceans teach the lesson that every ecologist and conservationist urges us to understand about the natural world: that it cares nothing for us, and that it will survive us. Instead of spending ridiculously large amounts of money developing technology to travel to and live on other planets which are inhospitable to humans (plans encouraged by world-famous scientists who should know better), we should use such money to protect the Earth for every living species that lives on it now.

Do as much as you can to help nurture nature now. It will not only help us, individually and as a whole, to appreciate the wonder and inspiration of the natural world that is ours today and that we want to see as central to the fulfilled futures of generations to come.

Central to who we are, we are nothing but Neanderthals with technology. Technology makes our lives crazy, leads to anger, anxiety and a sense of futility when it does not work: then, we throw it away and look for something ‘better’ or ‘even more improved’. Yet, we relish and treasure the moments when we can be Neanderthals again – to quietly sit and read a book, to sit in the garden and talk with friends (or, in my case, to myself), or just gaze upon a view that only nature can create because it is full of what we call nature.

Care for this planet and nature: for your current and future families, for current and future friends, for current and future flora and fauna, and, finally for the future of this fabulous home that we all share. 

Please support this petition to the BBC not to sack Chris Packham: We hope and believe that the BBC would not take such ill-informed action but we all know the negative effect that the power of persuasion can upon organizations. This petition is being presented as a megaphone to ensure that the positive side is heard, and that Chris continues to have a positive influence championing the needs and survival of those who are not heard in an increasingly deafening and human-self-obsessed world.