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Bayview Extension Speed Limit

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Recently the speed limit on the Bayview Extension south of Pottery Road was reduced from 60kms/hr to 50kms/hr.  This stretch of the Bayview Extension south of Pottery Road down to the bottom of the extension was posted at 70kms/hr for at least 40 years. This road was designed to travel at 70kms an hour.  However, in 2012, the speed limit in this area of road was reduced to 60kms. Currently, there is a designated bike lane for both directions for cyclists to safely ride that stretch of road which includes an under-pass of the northbound DVP entrance. And there are no cross through-streets or pedestrians to interfere with the higher traffic speed. Additionally, there are no residential streets or schools with pedestrian access to that section of the Bayview Extension. As such, there appears to be no logical reason to have reduced the speed down to 50kms/hr.   Although it was challenging to maintain the speed limit of 60kms/hr while travelling southbound on a downhill grade in that stretch of road, it is extremely difficult to maintain 50kms/hr and is very frustrating.  Furthermore, psychologically, because this stretch of road was designed for and feels like it should be a70kms/hr road, it is natural for drivers to drive way faster than the posted 50kms/hr without being aware that they are doing so. Additionally, even when drivers do drive at the posted 50kms/hr speed limit, there is the hazard of non-abiding drivers who are tail gating the obedient drivers which creates the risk of collisions occurring. This petition is to request Toronto City Councillors to increase the speed limit on this road way area back to 60kms/hr.


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