Change the Mascot Station crossing to Pedestrian Lights

Change the Mascot Station crossing to Pedestrian Lights

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Bayside Council

Why this petition matters

Started by Kirsty Backhausen

I am starting this petition to address the safety concerns in regards to the ‘zebra’ crossing at Mascot Station.

I have written to Bayside Council with no reply. 

I am aware that the patronage at Mascot Station has more than doubled in the past 3 years and if you’ve been there recently during peak hours, you’ll observe that a crossing of this variety is no longer suitable.

Cars who are unwilling to take risks or cut off pedestrians can be stuck at this crossing for sometimes 5 minutes per car.

The pedestrian flow using this crossing is constant and recently when I drove through it [5:40pm Monday] I was unable to proceed until pedestrians kindly stopped in unison to wave me through.

This is a huge congestion issue.

Less patient motorists who don’t have a spare 10 minutes or more to safely proceed will cut off pedestrians, who are often exiting the station and without spacial awareness. This creates vast safety concerns for the thousands of passengers who alight from Mascot Station every day.

Previous congestion issues at other stations have been resolved (Arncliffe), so let’s get some change happening for our beloved Mascot Station!

For once, I want change before there is a fatality!

I ask why nothing is being done to change this crossing, and I implore Bayside Council to consider the safety benefits of doing so.

Kind Regards,
Kirsty Backhausen

634 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!