Support Matt Walsh! Stop Patrick Hill & others who don't understand free speech.

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Matt Walsh was invited by Baylor Young Americans for Freedom at Baylor University to give a speech titled “The War On Reality: Why The Left Has Set Out To Redefine Life, Gender, And Marriage” on April 9, yet there are those who are petitioning against him being allowed to speak at Baylor. This is a free speech issue. No one has to agree with him. No one has to listen to him. He was invited by those on campus who do want to hear what he has to say, and he should be allowed to speak his mind.

Allow Matt Walsh, an invited guest, to express his opinion so that those who want to hear him can hear him. Those that don't want to hear him don't have to attend.

I am a proud citizen of the USA who understands just how important our freedom of speech is.