Bring back the old Yasmin (Bayer) pill foil packaging, please!

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In recent months, it seems Bayer has given the Yasmin pill a new "updated" packaging style, to avoid "misprinting" on the back side of the foil sheet.

Instead with this new update, now there is a complete "no print" happening on the back.

Anyone with a uterus that has ever taken this pill will understand what I'm talking about and the role it plays - the little printed days of the week "MON through SUN", the little arrows marking clearly which direction to go daily, the green section marking where in your cycle you should start a new packet should you need, also acting as a friendly reminder to make sure not to miss pills as without it, would be a fertile week (in other brands, the red section shows you when you should expect to start bleeding), so all these little important things that helped in their own way, are GONE.

Those days of the week, the arrows, and that green section are imperative to being able to take this medicine comfortably and confidently.

Even WITH the printing on the back, navigating these kinds of packets has always required careful thought, double checking, and did I say careful thought? This is a medicine that REQUIRES you to take the pills PROPERLY - in their order, and without missing a single pill. Because, let's face it, accidentally bringing human life into the world is a pretty massive (and preventable) deal, which is one of the reasons many women choose to take Yasmin in the first place!

Now, this has become much harder to do.

Now those little days of the week, and the arrows, are ONLY on the OTHER side, which requires flipping to see, and if you are like me and really, really, want to be sure you do in fact have the right pill that day, this calls for multiple flipping. As a person who hasn't had to do this for the past seven years of taking this medicine, find this rather stupid, and immediately saw the chance of human error rise tenfold.

Did you know that not everyone takes Yasmin for birth control alone? I myself do not, I only take it because I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and this is just one of the illnesses I have that requires medication, one of which affects my brain function, making my thinking process difficult at the best of times.

Growing up and staying a chronically sick person, I've been swallowing pills since I was a child and have literally seen every medication packaging under the sun. I always appreciated how easy the Yasmin packaging made dosing. Often completely exhausted at the end of the day, or medicated with other treatment, I knew I could take the correct pill without much effort, because it literally told me what to do on the back.

Now, how can I possibly trust myself all doped up on anti-migraine medicine to work it out and take the correct pill, essentially blindly because the "instructions" are gone?

It is hard enough for someone who has complete use of their hands to be confident in popping out the right one with these new changes, let alone asking tired, sick, struggling medicated people to do it.

At around $90 per 3-month script (give or take, depending on the pharmacy) every three months since 2009, my pill packets have always been two sided. Why the sudden change?

If it was a cost cutting issue, why not put the print on the back so we can easily see which pill our thumbs are popping out? Why put it on the side that we can't see? Why put it on the side that I'm finding so hard and confusing to use that I want to see my OB/GYN and change to a different brand?

I am sure I am not alone in saying that I am a happy loyal customer, and we would be more than happy to stay on Yasmin if the ease of use was brought back to us. Every brand of pill has different levels of hormones, specific to our needs, so changing brands for this sort of medication can really throw our bodies out of whack, with very unwanted side effects.
If this could be avoided, we would be so very grateful.

Please bring the old, double sided foil packaging back, please. I'm not sure you entirely realise how important it was.


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