Battle for Bambi Kindergarten- Save Our School!

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Bambi Kindergarten is a not for profit community based preschool located in Bardia, offering preschool education and care for over 80 local families and their children aged between 3-6 years old. 

Bambi has provided over 65 years of superior excellence and the highest quality preschool education in the Campbelltown area. Due to an overt lack of support by our own council in the administration of pre-DA meetings and in failing to respond to enquiries and calls for assistance in a timely manner and/ or providing Bambi with adequate facilities with affordable rent on a temporary basis, leaves 10 fantastic educators, 80 local families and more than 40 infant children anxious with the fate of their future completely unknown. 

Campbelltown Council are allowing more than half a century of founding community history to be shoved aside and for the importance of the work of these amazing educators - many of who have taught our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, children and friends- to be terminated. 

Bambi has been advised that they must immediately vacate from the current premise at 1 Arthur Allen Drive, BARDIA NSW 2565. All current attempts to find suitable temporary accommodation have proven unsuccessful and all attempts made to engage council in finding a suitable venue have also been proven futile. 

As such, Bambi will be forced to close its doors and cease the current enrolment of over 80 children in late April 2019. Despite exhausting all avenues and the tireless efforts of staff and management- there will sadly be no possible transition period into a secured permanent location as was once anticipated. 

The pre DA process has been exhausting due to extenuating delays and indications that the application would be rejected due to a perceived lack of car park spaces at the new proposed site. A DA is in its final stages of preparation to be submitted to Campbelltown Council in conjunction with an application by The Salvation Army as soon as is humanly possible for redevelopment at 1 Mountain Ash Rd, Macquarie Fields. We are of the understanding that the council will not prioritise our development application when it is received which could take between 6-12 months to complete. 

This means that the families, staff and management of Bambi have an ill fated future due to the impending and unavoidable foreclosure of this commendable early education facility and service until a permanent placement and site can be secured. 

Bambi is in a sound financial position to proceed and the only delay now falls to the hands of the council. As such we urge you to now hear us. Hear the voices of your community, of the families who vote for you, who pay their rates and taxes and who have a right to choose. We do NOT a want long day care facility. We CHOSE Bambi for our children’s early education for a reason! There are many benefits to the style of education the staff and management of Bambi have to offer our children. Our future leaders, scientists, doctors, teachers and homemakers. We demand you heed our concerns, feel empathy in our situations and potential demise, and not look at us as a minority. 

The smallest voices often speak the loudest and we will continue to fight and shout even when it falls on deaf ears. We will not give up. Because we the community have the RIGHT to choose where we send our children. Our children have the RIGHT to this affordable and exceptional early education program. And the history of Bambi Kindergarten is a LEGACY that simply must go on. 

Councillors we urge you to prioritise the development application as early as possible after submission to council by Bambi and utilise your resources to help us find suitable premises in the meantime. We put our faith and our children’s future within your hands.