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Bartow High School and Bartow Police Department: Dismiss Impending Criminal Charges against 16 year old Kiera Wilmot

"A student with good grades and no behavioral problems to speak of should be followed with a felony because she was curious about a chemical reaction? She has been ushered into the criminal justice system with this decision. Access to employment, education, housing, etc. will all be limited to Wilmot with a felony on her record."

This petition was delivered to:
  • Bartow High School, Bartow Police Department, & Assistant State Attorney
  • Chief of Police - Bartow Police Department
    Joe Hall
  • State Prosecutor - Florida
    Tammy Glotfelty
  • Superintendent - Polk County School District
    Dr. John A. Stewart
  • Principal - Bartow High School
    Ronald Pritchard

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