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Petitioning Bartow High School, Bartow Police Department, & Assistant State Attorney and 4 others

Bartow High School and Bartow Police Department: Dismiss Impending Criminal Charges against 16 year old Kiera Wilmot

"A student with good grades and no behavioral problems to speak of should be followed with a felony because she was curious about a chemical reaction? She has been ushered into the criminal justice system with this decision. Access to employment, education, housing, etc. will all be limited to Wilmot with a felony on her record."

Letter to
Bartow High School, Bartow Police Department, & Assistant State Attorney
Chief of Police - Bartow Police Department Joe Hall
State Prosecutor - Florida Tammy Glotfelty
and 2 others
Superintendent - Polk County School District Dr. John A. Stewart
Principal - Bartow High School Ronald Pritchard
There is a difference between bad judgment and criminal intent. When adolescent intellectual curiosity is subjected to even the possibility of such harsh penalties, it is the legal and educational system that is committing a crime against our youth and our society at large. Your are urged to dismiss the impending criminal charges against 16 year old Kiera Wilmot and let her return to school where her intellect can be nurtured, not quashed by reactionary, over-reaching interpretations of "codes of conduct."

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