Police officer should be criminally charged

Police officer should be criminally charged

February 4, 2021
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Mayor Jeff Lehman (Mayor of Barrie) and 1 other
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Why this petition matters

Started by Anonymous Citizen

Watch this video. See the officer smashing the young man in the head. See the officer whip him over to the curb. See the officer smash the young man's head off the cement. Hear the viewers scream "stop" "that's not right" "he's just a kid". See the officer violently stuff the young man into the car. See the officer violently throw the young man's belongings into the trunk of the car. See the officers gather to ensure their stories are straight. 

No officer has the right to smash a person's head off a curb. No officer has the right to use such excessive force.  No officer should be so angry that they abuse their powers. 

This officer should be charged and sent to jail. Barrie Police need to stop putting violently angry officers on the street. 

Barrie officer guilty for beating Jason Stern and fabricating evidence at Bayfield mall - 2013

Barrie officer killed Orlando Brown by excessive tasser use - 2018

The petition may not do anything at all but I hope it at least catches everyone's attention.




Click the links and watch the videos. If you gasp even once than please sign this petition. Petitions are our only power... they are our only voice in situations such as this as this young man could definitely be your child next.

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Signatures: 16,298Next Goal: 25,000
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