Suspend Lord Sugar

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Sir Alan Sugar, Baron Sugar of Clapton, or simply Lord Sugar, has a controversial history dating back to 2012 when he was investigated for potential contempt of court.  His language and behaviour have been criticised as bullying and misogynistic. In 2013 and 2016 he was investigated for alleged racist tweets and he has recently been forced to remove a doctored photograph of Adolf Hitler sitting in a car with, seemingly, Jeremy Corbyn.   In recent days he has resorted to what can only be described as temper tantrums in response to those who have criticised the posting of that photograph.  He has used terms such as "stupid idiot", "loser", "tosser", and "non-achiever".  Lord Sugar was appointed to the Lords as someone whose experience in business would be beneficial to Government.  He enjoys all the privileges granted to his position, at the tax payers' expense.  It is surely inappropriate that a person in such a position should be allowed to continue reaping the benefits whilst abusing those who challenge the manner in which he chooses to express his views.  

The Lords have a responsibility which should be treated with a suitable level of professionalism and seriousness.  The extreme bias being being demonstrated by Lord Sugar, accompanied by the use of gutter language and abuse, is inappropriate and brings the House of Lords into disrepute.  Please consider suspending Lord Sugar.