Stop the CPZ extension in Finchley

Stop the CPZ extension in Finchley

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Started by Victoria Herman

Rejection of proposal to expand the CPZ zone in East Finchley.
Residents feel there is adequate parking and these control are not required. Additionally the added expense to households especially at this time is not warranted.
Business are extremely fearful of the impact on these new restrictions, especially whilst still recovering from the pandemic.
Individuals and businesses are financially hit extremely hard and do not welcome extra charges when parking is sufficient.

I have visited about 80% of businesses and residents in the area, all of which without exception, were extremely concerned and upset about this new proposal. Residents feel that they can already park outside their homes, pay council tax and road tax and resent further hikes in their cost of living for a service that does not reflect their needs. Business owners expressed more than a deep concern, they fear these changes could break their businesses , they are still trying to recover from the pandemic and rely heavily on local trade which they fear will be driven away. It presents as a situation that is vital to reject for the health of these local high street businesses. Conversations with local business owners and residents were one of exasperation, and fear of increased financial hardship and ruin. The council in their proposal letter state that they are proetecting the needs of the residents when the opposite is true. 

33 have signed. Let’s get to 50!