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Stop pushing X-rated literature on a child's Nook e-reader.

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This is important as it will protect young kids from adult, X-rated literature that is forced onto them by Barnes and Noble through Nook e-readers.
An e-reader is a valuable learning tool for children. With this thought in mind, I bought the Simple Nook from Barnes and Noble for my elementary school child. As soon as we had the Nook set up, samples of adult romantic novels started pouring in on the Nook. When I bought the Simple Nook, it was with the idea that, because it has no internet browsing capability, my child will be safe in that environment and will not be lured to browse unnecessary stuff.
I contacted Barnes and Noble about this problem and was told that it makes recommendations based on the kind of books that have been downloaded on the Nook in the past. I informed them that my child's e-reader has only children's books downloaded on it, which they were able to verify by going into the account, so why do they keep pushing adult obscene literature on that Nook? They wanted me to download some more books in the children's category on my child's Nook and said that, based on that, the subsequent recommendations will be only for children's books.
I did as I was told, but that hasn't got rid of the problem. Barnes and Noble continues to recommend their top 100 books on my child's e-reader and the list includes sample pages of obscene literature. This problem has been going on for more than a year and email communication with them, as well as hours and hours of phone communication, has not done any good. Their reps keep telling me that at present, they have no way of taking care of this problem but they will bring this matter up at their meeting. So far, it has all been hogwash.
I say, if they want to, they can definitely rectify this problem. It is not rocket science.
Please sign this petition if you believe that as a society, we have a moral obligation to protect our children from being brainwashed into reading age inappropriate literature by big name stores like Barnes and Noble.
Shame on you, Barnes and Noble, for utilizing tactics that are harmful for the minds of our young ones.

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