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End Cruelty to Dogs and Puppies BAN puppy mills/farms

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End Cruelty to Dogs and Puppies BAN puppy mills/farms

There are many dogs and puppies all across Australia being restrained to harmful and cruel puppy farms/mills. They are being treated in an illegal way that fails to meet the conditions of the dogs behavioral, social and mental needs. And I believe that you should sign my petition to ban these hideous illegal puppy farms.

A puppy mill/farm is a commercial dog- breeding facility that focuses on increasing profit with a little caring cost of the health and welfare of the animals not being a priority. Female dogs are being bred over and over again with little to no recovery time between litters. After years, when they can no longer reproduce, the breeding female dogs are killed. Puppies are treated in an awful manner in these farms they are found with bleeding or swollen paws, feet falling through the SMALL wire cages, severe tooth decay, ear infections, dehydration, and many puppies are found blind. Every year in Australia it is estimated that 450,000 puppies are sold in Australia each year according to the Pet Industry Association of Australia and that’s only what they no off, this number is probably much higher due to people keeping them a secret.

Puppies being held in these facilities are suffering from many diseases due to being held in overcrowded and filthy environments. These dogs are being treated as breeding machines and are permanently confined into small overcrowded cages. They are never allowed to express their normal behaviors and this can commence the dogs having behavioral problems, due to not being socialized and being out in cages that fail to meet their needs.

Unfortunately, many puppies are in such bad condition in these farms, that the owners of the farms find it hard to take care of them and they are then sent to the pound and most likely “put down.” I support the RSPCA to shut down puppy farms and they are trying so hard to bring these farms to a complete close but they are still legal. But only as long the owner meets the care requirements and I guarantee many of them don’t and lie about it. Also, there is no requirement for healthcare and definitely no requirement for love. This makes me feel very upset and angry that people would do this, this should be stopped and will be stopped.


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