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Banning the sale of baby alpacas under the age of 6 months in Australia.

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People are advertising on sale sites like Gumtree, "poddy" alpacas that are under a week old- when they are not in fact poddys. Many unscrupulous breeders are affering to take cria off their mums in case someone wants a particular cria

This is disasterous for both the cria and their mums- it stresses them out all around. And this can be fatal.

They are being sold without any instructions on how to look after them, and quite often as a pet, often into Suburban locations  which is very inappropriate.

Alpacas are herd animals, and stress very easily. Taking a a male away early can cause Beserk Male Syndrome, which can result in alpacas attacking humans- and for that there is only one solution- euthanasia.

Reputable breeders would not allow this to happen- the photo attached is that of one of our poddies- who has survived and has grown on to be a normal happy healthy alpaca. Reputable breeders would do anything to look after these animals.

We do not want to limit the sale of cria if under 6 months of age AND with their mums, as this is a quite often done practice- commonly known as the following " with cria at foot"

We alpaca breeders ( many registered with the Australian Alpaca Association), and alpaca lovers and fans, call for an immediate ban on the sale of these most gorgeous creatures at such a young age.. we ask for this ban to be a Federal Concern, and enacted by the Minister for Agriculture, and for it to filter down and be applicable into the states and territories of Australia.

We also ask for any organisation, such as Gumtree, to ban the sale of these animals. This is not limited to Gumtree, but to other such sites.

We ask this as matter of urgency as this seems to be on the rise. It has to stop and stop NOW!!!!

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