Justice For Bandit

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So with a completely shattered heart I will let everyone know that one of my cold blooded heartless neighbors shot my puppy Bandit with a 20 gauge shot gun in the face. Bandit was not on my neighbors property when he shot him the first time. He was across the street in a field in front of his house. (Per a witness that saw it happen) Bandit then walked across the street and was standing in my neighbors driveway/yard when he Shot him a second time between the eyes. This was not a justified shooting considering my dog was not posing a threat to him, his family, or his property at the time of the shooting. He spent the night in an emergency vet Er and I took him to an eye specialist today to see the damage to his eyes. It is with deep sadness that my baby has to be put down due to the extent of the damage. The only thing they can possibly do to help him is remove his eyes, and he still doesn’t have much of a chance to make it. May my baby somehow get the Justice he deserves and my he cross the rainbow bridge knowing how much he was loved by all of us. My home will never be the same without my sweet, laid back Baby Bandit. He not only took my dog, he took the dog of my 5 year old daughter who doesn’t understand death and cries every night for Bandit to come home, and he also took the dog from my 13 year old son and 3 step daughters. It was completely uncalled for and inhumane. Another witness has also stated that a week prior to the shooting of my dog that my neighbor sent his 12 year old son outside alone with a 20 gauge shot gun with no adult home to go out and shoot another dog on their property. This man needs his gun permit and all his guns taken away. Please help me make a change and sign this petition!   #JUSTICEFORBANDIT