Support Progress Park, the Airstream Campground/Event space in Buechel, KY

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This petition is to seek signatures for those who support and are in favor of the rezoning of the piece of property at 4501 Progress Park Blvd in West Buechel, KY.

Those who are in opposition are misrepresenting this project as a trailer or mobile home park, which is not at all what this project is, so we wanted to use this space to help shed some light on what Progress Park actually is, and the many needs it has already served, and hopes to continue in the years to come.

Prior to being purchased by Nick McDowell and Mike Pifer, this land sat stagnant and unoccupied for many years.  The first entire year of owning this property was spent cleaning up trash and debris.  There were people trespassing onto the property that had to be sent away numerous times. Old cars had been dumped on the property as well as yard waste, not to mention drug paraphernalia, trash and alcohol containers.  The pond was in bad shape.  The dam was broken and there were trash and large metal objects in the water that took months to remove.  At the time there was no grass to mention of, just overgrown trees and trails.  The two houses on the property were abandoned and hadn't been lived in for some time.  One of the houses was renovated and rented right away to have some presence on the property and the other is currently under renovation.

If you see the park today, you’d have a hard time believing it was ever in that bad of shape. Mr. McDowell & Mr. Pifer have completely cleaned up the property and designed it in a way that is so peaceful and beautiful for people to enjoy.  For the past year, they’ve been renovating and sharing the property with their personal friends and families. The true intention for this project for the future, is to create a unique space, unlike any other, where people can get away, relax and recharge without having to travel far from the city.  It truly is a gem, and unlike anything else Louisville has to offer.

In addition to the two houses that came with the property, they have placed two of their personally owned airstream campers on site, that the families have used to camp in, and the idea is that in the future they will rent these campers and houses out via Airbnb to individuals looking for a fun and unique experience unlike any other.  Visitors can enjoy the high-end amenities of a hotel, in the serene environment of nature, all within minutes of Louisville’s many offerings and independent restaurants.  They also hope for the park to serve as a place for weddings, reunions, retreats, school events and much more.  In the past year they've loaned the property to groups such as the girl and boy scouts, inner city mentoring groups, the Parkinson's Support Center, families of children with cancer, church community groups and baseball teams and have received nothing but glowing reviews on how the property served their needs and created an unforgettable experience.

Progress Park would breathe new life into the Buechel area and serve as a place the entire city could enjoy, not to mention garner attention nationally for airstream enthusiasts or travelers simply looking for a unique getaway. 

Many thanks in advance for your time and consideration.  Our public hearing will be held on Tues, June 5 at 6:00pm at the KC Hall on Progress Blvd.  If you would be willing to come in support of this project we would greatly appreciate it.

If you have any questions at all, or if you’d like to tour the property, please don’t hesitate to call Mike or Nick.

                        Mike Pifer:  502-494-4002
                        Nick McDowell:  502-744-5979