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OBJECTION to development 17/00363/OUM Land north of 17-45 Toyse Lane, Burwell

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East Cambridgeshire District Council - Reference: 17/00363/OUM Outline planning for residential development on land North of 17-45 Toyse Lane, Burwell 

We, the undersigned, wish to object to the proposed development for the following reasons:   

  • It is outside the development envelope. New building should take place in the areas already approved for development, in Reach Road (14/00356/FUL) and Newmarket Road (15/01175/OUM).  We believe Burwell is playing its part and recognises the housing needs of the county with the 350-420 units proposed at the Newmarket Road site, in addition to 70 units at Reach Road. We would like Burwell to retain its village feel.
  • It is contrary to the policies in the Village Plan for Burwell, April 2015. The Council is fully aware of the wishes of the inhabitants of Burwell, as they attended the presentation and supported the current Plan. This is the second application for development of this site, the first of which has already been rejected.
  • Immediate vehicular access to the site would only be via Chestnut Rise, which would change the existing peaceful nature of the street for all residents.  Chestnut Rise already has a number of parked cars up and down the slope, and existing traffic has to negotiate these areas over the speed bumps, meaning there is already often a wait to exit or enter Chestnut Rise. This congestion is manageable as it is, but Chestnut Rise is unsuitable as an access for a further 100 vehicles in this quiet street.
  • Our children play on the lovely green at Chestnut Rise, and they are often joined by children from neighbouring streets, as it is known and loved as a safe and secluded place to kick a ball around, play tag, or ride scooters or bicycles. Currently this is safe, and children can retrieve their balls from the road safely. Increased traffic right by this green would increase the danger for all our children. Not only that, but we welcome the opportunity for our children to be outside safely in the fresh air rather than watching a screen, as is the growing and worrying trend of our times.
  • The landscape of the village will be changed, and views will be lost across pleasant farmland.  In an age where we are all more conscious of the effect of development on local wildlife and ecosystems, why are we concreting over yet more of our agricultural land when Burwell already has proposed and agreed developments on Newmarket Road and Reach Road?  These open spaces are important to many local residents, and we wish to protect and preserve them.  Burwell is big already, and still growing. Where is it going to end if we keep building and building?  The site sits at the top of a gentle slope from the B1102 on the settlement edge and can be clearly seen when approaching Burwell along the B1102 from Fordham. Given the scale and size of the development this is not in keeping with the current character and would significantly change the boundary appearance.
  • Approaching traffic would have to use North Street or Silver Street, which are both narrow in places and unsuitable for construction traffic, or Toyse Lane, which is entirely residential and already suffers from traffic going at excessive speed and noise and pollution from heavy goods vehicles. Lorries rumble along the tiny part of Silver Street all hours of the day and night, and this development would only increase this traffic. There is already no pavement along this part of one side of Silver Street, making it unsafe for pedestrians as it is a very narrow road, and increased traffic would bring increased risk and increased environmental and noise pollution to our lovely village.  Not only this but traffic up and down the length of Burwell would increase as additional commuters would be coming and going from Cambridge. If there were a pedestrian entrance from Toyse Lane it might encourage visitors to park in Toyse Lane, causing nuisance to residents and increasing obstructions.
  • The suggested rate of building 50 houses per year would mean many months of building work and disruption from construction lorries. Existing residents would suffer from increased noise, air and light pollution. We don't want either the construction traffic or the development. It will directly affect the lives of many in the village negatively, reduce the enjoyment of where we live, increase congestion and pollution, change the landscape of the village, and reduce the safety of our children who live and play here.

As our elected representatives at East Cambridgeshire District Council, we urge you to please reject this application.

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