Stop Privatization of SF Neighborhood Health Centers and Stop Racist Discrimination

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To: Ms. Barbara A. Garcia, Director of Public Health:

We, the undersigned Department of Public Health employees and community members, wish to notify you of our utmost concern over the department’s reductions in staff regarding physicians, nurses, and operation supervisors.

We have created a list of demands: 1) STOP the privatization of this health clinic; 2) Restore staffing levels so patients have access to healthcare in a timely manner; 3) Terminate Dr. Hali Hammer for mismanagement of the clinic and aiding in the gentrification of our community; 4) Support in creating a city-wide Patient Advisory Council that meets and reports to City Hall to ensure services are being maintained; 5) Stop targeted racism, hire professionals who understand black people and their pain.
6) Restore the Administrative Operation Supervisor of 28 years who has been a strong advocate for the San Francisco Resident. 6) Demonstrate equity and cultural competency in staffing our clinic.