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Thomas Pynchon Must Post A Selfie on Instagram

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Thomas Pynchon is one of the most celebrated authors in American literature, yet fewer images exist of him than almost any other popular author in the history of literature. There are more representations of Jane Austen available to the public despite her death preceding the photographic portrait by over twenty years. 

At age 78, the hour is getting late for Pynchon's own Gravity's Rainbow. Before we resign ourselves to cry in solidarity with lot 49, we must do what we can to fight against the day where Pynchon commits the inherent vice of disappearing to vineland before leaving an adequate trail of selfies to keep us from the bleeding edge.

We the people request that Thomas Pynchon make an Instagram account and post no fewer than one selfie, ensuring that his legacy will live on in this digital age.

The easiest way to accomplish this goal is for President Barack Obama to mandate the creation of a Pynchon instagram account, potentially titled "GravitysSelfie" or merely "Pynchon49" via executive order. An alternative method could potentially involve Pynchon willingly complying to appease his legion of loyal followers, hereby known as "Pynchies."

Note: We implore Mr. Pynchon not to abuse social media by posting pictures of his food. 

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