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Stop machines from taking our jobs and interfering with our social interactions.

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Machines have taken our jobs and ruined our ability to communicate with each other face-to-face. 

One way we can halt creepy, degrading mechanical intrusions into our social experience is through a new series of incentives.

In the same way we have "sin taxes" on alcohol and tobacco products, we could have a sin tax on companies that use a machine to completely eliminate human interaction, which would be defined as face-to-face interaction or vocal communication, but not text or pictures. Conversely, we could provide subsidies for companies that create new human interaction in their business transactions. For example, banks that use ATMs when human tellers are available would have to pay the technological sin tax. If they created a new policy where all ATMs were shut down during normal business hours, they would have to hire more tellers, which would boost employment and create more human interaction. Both of these results would be good for society.

The goal of these policies would be to eliminate the increasing mechanical alienation that pervades every aspect of life.

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