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Feed Climate Change Deniers to the Starving Guardian Polar Bear

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On Saturday, December 9th, 2017, the online edition of The Guardian published this video. Filmed late summer in the Canadian Arctic, this no-holds-barred heart-wrencher of a video documents an emaciated polar bear scrounging the ice-free Arctic for food. Polar bears need ice to hunt: as global warming has depleted the summer reserves of ice in the northernmost seas, polar bears are starving. The reality of the painful, slow death that awaits bears whose habitat has vanished is painful enough without sad music. But unfortunately, for decades this reality has been pushed away by those who have decided to profit at the expense of the earth and its inhabitants. Since The Guardian's video went viral, sending a raw reminder and a harsh wake-up call, global warming has been on our minds. Though the conservation group who took the footage have shared that the individual bear in the video is likely already dead, there are approximately 25,000 other bears still alive, still struggling. Restoring the homes and futures of these living beings will take years of prevention and repair, years that they don't have. But the sickening fate of the Guardian bear need not be shared by any others. Since humans have stolen the bear's means of feeding themselves, it is now our duty to provide that food for them. We propose that in order to both feed the starving polar bears and begin restoring their futures, the top climate change deniers in the United States and around the world should be fed to the polar bears. Feeding the top deniers of global warming to the starving polar bears is a package deal. Polar bears get the vast majority of their calories, protein, and nutrients from meat, but feeding them beef, pork, and chicken from feed lots would support an industry that puts out almost 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions (Stanford). Feed lot meat is also less nutritionally dense than meat raised on a more complex diet, such as that of wealthy humans. Feeding the bears, who live in far north areas with sparse human infrastructure would also be expensive, but since the most influential climate change deniers make their vast amounts of money ignoring the needs of the earth, the funds for the feeding operation could come right from the pockets of the food. They won't need it anymore. Feeding climate change deniers to the victims of climate change will also clear the way for leaders who want to preserve, protect, and restore the earth for the good of all its inhabitants. The first people to directly prevent more bears from an agonizing atrophy death and begin the process toward a shared and healthy Earth should be Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Scott Pruitt. Three people won't feed thousands of bears, though, so go to this website to find your local climate change denier. There is hope for the bears. There is hope for the Earth and all our futures. Let's make it happen. 


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