Disbar corrupt, dishonest, malicious, unethical Attorney Leigh Datzker

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Attorney Leigh Datzker has maliciously set out to destroy my life under the color of authority as an attorney and officer of the court!

Six years ago I was falsely accused of domestic violence. The case was a complete District Attorney as well as City Attorney reject due to no evidence whatsoever. Attorney Datzker, having been retained by my ex-wife who made the false allegations, had a civil case brought against me in Judge Stephanie Padilla's courtroom. She is the wife of one of his close friends, Judge Friedenthal. This particular court was out of my jurisdiction. However I went in believing that I would get fair and unbiased treatment not knowing that there was a judicial conflict of interest. Needless to say a civil restraining order was unjustly placed against me. I did not know at this time that this was a tool that would be used to keep my 3 children away from me! To date I have not been allowed to see or speak to my 3 children for almost 4 years! I also have not been allowed to know their whereabouts, what schools they attend or what the state of their health and well being is.This is all based on Attorney Leigh Datzker's malicious tactics and unethical practices as an officer of the court! He has lied constantly under oath. He has provided false evidence. He has removed important evidence from my file. He has misled several judges, sheriffs, police, deputies and court clerks concerning my character.  He has succeeded in forcing me to loose my home and all of my assets using dishonest and malicious tactics in court and with the police.

Attorney Leigh Datzker with malicious intent continues to defame my name to this date. He has contacted potential employers as an officer of the court defaming my name with the intent to stop me from being gainfully employed. He has contacted attorneys that I hire to represent me and defamed my name with the intent to run them away from my case. These tactics have been successful! He has contacted radio stations and defamed my name with the intent of stopping anyone from hearing my story. 

Attorney Leigh Datzker harasses me without consequence and no end. He has emailed me over 300 times with threats and discouragements concerning my case.  The majority of these emails come during off peak hours. As an officer of the court, he harrases and threatens anyone who attempts to help me with my case. This includes child service monitors, court clerk's, attorneys, friends and family members. He has even shown up at my home, lying to officers, in order to assure that I would loose it and all of my belongings in it.

Attorney Leigh Datzker has coerced his friends who are judges to rule unfairly and completely biased against me, doing whatever is within their power to destroy me. He constantly has my case moved from courthouse to courthouse wherever the judge is a friend of his. I have filed complaints with the California State Bar Association to no avail. I have also complained to judges and shown evidence of his misconduct  to no avail. I have written the President, the Governor of the State of California as well as Senators Feinstein and Boxer.

It is time to put an end to Attorney Leigh Datzker's unethical, malicious, dishonest behavior under the color of authority as an officer of the court.

By signing this petition you will help to prevent this nightmare from happening to anyone else. By signing this petition you will help to reunite me with my three beautiful children and possibly unite many other father's with their children as well. We must stand up against this corruption! 

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Evan Lionel