Church should legalise divorce that are caused through domestic violence.

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Many married people particularly in the place where I come from, a divorcee will be excommunicated from the church whatever the reason maybe. The Church don't look at the reason that caused the divorce. Many married couples particularly those working in religious organisations are forced to stay in marriages however badly he or she is treated with for fear of being excommunicated by the church. Particularly, women are forced to bear domestic violence and inhuman treatments of their spouse for fear of being excommunicated by the Church and the stigma and discrimination that follows from the society. Yes, we understand that the principle of the marriage is to love and cherish one another in love till death do one apart. However, I believe, there should always be an escape route particularly for the victims of domestic violence. 

We must make the case that the church MUST be a safe place for all. But currently, woman who want to escape domestic violence by leaving the covenant of Christian marriage, are punished by the church through excommunication. The church turns their back on the victim when they need the church most.