Eliminate Toxic Lawn Pesticide Use in Montgomery County! - on both public and private properties- Support and Pass Bill 52-14

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SIGN and SHARE this petition to ask Montgomery County lawmakers to put the health of our families ahead of the grass.  Families should have the right to clean air and clean water in our own communities.  We ask lawmakers to protect us from exposure to toxic cosmetic lawn pesticides -- Be sure to include your comments to strengthen your signature!  

What are Cosmetic Lawn Pesticides?  They are poisons registered by the U.S. EPA, designed to broadly kill living things - weeds and insects - to make the grass look unnaturally perfect!

1. Takoma Park, Washington D.C., and other towns across America and Canada have already passed laws to protect the public's health by reducing exposure to harmful cosmetic lawn pesticides.  

2. Cosmetic lawn pesticides do not stay on target.  These chemicals pose as toxic nuisances to neighbors, communities and the environment.  They drift, pollute our common air, run-off into our waterways and drinking water source, and track into our homes on our shoes and clothing - where they can impact our health. Even if you choose not to use them on your own lawn, you are still exposed to their effects.
Birds, fish, bees/pollinators and other non-targeted species are harmed when lawn pesticides contaminate their food source and habitat. Dogs and cats are also vulnerable to exposure and harm from these chemicals.

 3. Serious human health risks from lawn pesticide exposure include cancers, asthma, reproductive and hormone problems, neurological effects including learning disabilities, and Parkinson's Disease.  Acute exposure can cause flu like symptoms, headaches, fatigue, slow pulse, nausea, diarrhea and depression.  Pregnant women, infants and children, the aged, and the chronically ill are particularly vulnerable.  

 4. Property values are maintained with beautiful lawns and landscaping without the use of harmful pesticides.  Healthy alternative products and cost effective practices are now available.  Landscaping and pesticide companies can easily shift to provide non-toxic products and services, as many American and Canadian companies in this field have already done.

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This petition is NOT intended to restrict pesticide use for the purpose of removing noxious or invasive weeds, or in case of human-health risk from pests.  It also does NOT apply to agricultural practices.


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