Equal Treatment for All Patrons

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My name is Behrouz Javid-Tehrani.  I fought for years in my country for the freedom and equality of women and men and continue to do so in Australia, I've been imprisoned for over ten years because of human rights activism in Iran.

Saturday, February 24th, 6pm, when I was returning from a beach, I decided to take my daughter to the recreational center of " Bankstown Sports Club", located west of Sydney, to use the children's section.

Unbeknownst to me, the regulations for men and women’s attire were drastically different – although this is not explicitly stated. I was denied entry on the basis that my top – though clean and tidy, with only my arms exposed – was sleeveless.

Needless to say, my daughter was left confused and distraught when she realised we weren't allowed to enter. I too was left confused, having seen numerous patrons of the opposite gender wearing sleeveless as well as strapless clothing. Choices they are and should be free to make. As you can see, from the picture above, my outfit was not overtly revealing and, yet, I and my daughter were subjected to this blatant bias. All I ask is that the rules be applied consistently or, at the very least, be amended to reflect the changing standards.

Clothing not permitted at any time in any area
- Dirty, unkempt, soiled clothing
- Untidy footwear
- Leotards 
- Offensive or obscene clothing 
- Singlet or sleeveless tops
- Hats, caps and beanies 

After a number of emails were exchanged with the managers of this organisation, (Picture of that email) they said they undertake reviews annually; and have, in the past, and might perhaps in future update their dress code. However, they proceeded to block me on their Facebook page - Bankstown Sports Club.

Australian values are based around the formal equality of its citizens, this may seem minor, but it entrenches a precedent which should no longer be upheld in society. If you also believe in these values, help me by letting the directors of this organisation know that their dress polices are outdated and need to be reformed as soon as possible.