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New £10 note revealed.

Doug Maw
Yapton, ENG, United Kingdom

Jul 19, 2017 — News statement on new £10 notes.

Doug Maw, who started a petition through (which got over 130,00 signatures in under a week) to get rid of animal parts from the new polymer £5 notes, today attacked the Bank of England’s “astonishing arrogance, lack of direction and failure to comply with basic human rights.”

Doug said, “Yesterday saw the launch of the design of the new Bank of England £10 note. In the coverage I’ve seen only lip service paid to the fact that the notes (like the new polymer £5 note) contain animal parts that are offensive to large sections of the public.

“In response to my campaign to have animal parts removed from the processing of the notes the Bank of England launched a public consultation on future manufacture of notes back in March. The consultation ended in May. I have contacted the Bank several times to find out when they plan to make public the consultation findings. Thus far they have not given a date.

“In the meantime I continue to refuse to accept the £5 notes (where they are not issued by machine) and demand they be exchanged. Vegans will not knowingly handle products made on the back of the suffering and abuse of animals of any kind as far as they can avoid it. Nobody forces me to buy animal parts or secretions for my diet, or to wear, or to use as household or other day to day items. There are vegan friendly alternatives to any product you could name. When it is our currency there is zero choice involved: we HAVE to use it. This element of compulsion or force is what makes the Bank Notes issue unique..

“Similarly, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and other religious groups are highly offended by the use of a cow and are being forced to act against their devout beliefs. It is akin to forcing Muslims to wear a crucifix or Christians to wear a Burqua.

“My primary concern as a vegan is for the animals. It’s not about hurting the feelings of people but the casual way in which animals are used without a second thought throughout our culture. Industry is very clever in designing products to mislead people as to the treatment of animals and they use terms (like ‘tallow’ or ‘stearic acid’) to conceal the truth about what their products contain.

“The Bank of England have shown an astonishing arrogance, lack of direction and failure to comply with basic human rights.They should immediately publish the results of their consultation on future production of Bank Notes, phase out those notes containing animal parts that are in circulation and apologise to the countless people they have angered and offended by ignoring their concerns. It's time we stopped seeing animals as products for our use."


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