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Keep using tallow to produce polymer bank notes

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There is a lot of talk about the fact that tallow (an animal product) is used as part of the process of producing polymer banknotes. The fact is that tallow (specifically the stearic acid produced from animal tallow) is the most common slip agent used for plastic manufacturing. It's also used in plenty of other industries. Therefore the chance of not coming into contact with, or owning something, for which tallow was used in the manufacture of (or for that matter, the manufacture of the equipment used in the manufacture of) is incredibly slim.

The alternatives are products such as palm or coconut oil, production of both of which are not particularly ecological. Tallow is a by-product of the meat industry and therefore far more ecologically sound (and doesn't have to be transported as far - we have plenty of cows in this country). It's also cheaper (saving the taxpayer money).

So in conclusion, it's nigh-on impossible to not come into contact with products for which tallow hasn't been used in their manufacture, so let's not worry about this and end up costing the taxpayer even more money and potentially cause more ecological damage than is necessary through the impossible vegan ideals of a few.

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