Stop Spreading Nudes: Make Child Pornography Illegal in Bangladesh

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For years sexual predators in Dhaka City have been targeting young school girls and harassing them by threatening to spread their nude pictures.

Girls in high school or middle school are all underage and therefore their nudes are categorized as Child Pornography. Possessing or Distributing those images should be criminalized in Bangladesh. Underage girls are easy to manipulate under false pretences where predators act like they care about the girls and make big promises of marriage and love in order to seduce them into providing these images. Currently no laws exist in Bangladesh to stop such sexual harassment and child sexual abuse. 

Lets change this and protect the lives of our underage sisters and daughters. Sign this petition to raise awareness and gain attention on this vital issue. 

Update: Currently ancient laws exist and they haven’t been updated to tackle the cyber bullying faced on social media. Nor does the law protect a victim when the predator is also underage. Laws should exist to fully protect minors from sexual harassment that occurs in the digital age.