Bangladesh Road Safety: Stop killing our youth, the future of the nation.

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Thousands of people die in Bangladesh because of reckless driving and the lack of road regulation. Following the death of two students on Dhaka's Airport Road on Sunday 29th July, hundreds of students have been protesting throughout the capital demanding road safety.

There MUST be stricter regulation and consequent penalties, bans and fines. The government MUST speak up and take action.

The youth are the building blocks of the nation. Their lives are priceless to developing countries like Bangladesh, and the future is bleak without change.


1. Reckless drivers should receive punishment and provision for such punishment should be incorporated into the constitution.
2. Shipping Minister Shajahan Khan must withdraw his statement and apologise to the students.
3. Construction of a foot overbridge or alternative arrangement to ensure safety for students' movement at the spot of Sunday's incident; construction must start soon.
4. Setting up speed breakers in every accident prone road.
5. The government has to take responsibility for the students killed or injured in road accidents.
6. All intra-city buses must stop and pick up students when they ask.
7. Students should be allowed to pay discounted fares in every part of the country including Dhaka.
8. Vehicles must not be allowed on the streets without fitness certificates and drivers must not drive without licenses and updated paperwork.
9. No bus can take excess passengers.

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