Request Corner House To Stop Using Disposable Plastic Containers For Our Ice Creams

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We all love Corner House ice creams. Every Bangalorean loves a good Death By Chocolate or a Cake Fudge, or even a Caramel Pudding. But it's painful to watch Corner House serve these ice creams in plastic containers, all of which are disposed after a single use. Even though they are recyclable, they are not environmentally friendly.

As a much respected and much loved ice cream shop, we expect Corner House to be setting the example for other ice cream chains in Bangalore. 

Using reusable cutlery will require more human resources to maintain the cutlery, but providing employment to more people is only adding to the value Corner House adds to Bangalore. 

So please, Corner House, stop using plastic containers. It's a request from all of us Bangaloreans who take pride in having Corner House in our city! Serve us our DBC is reusable, washable containers.