Foot Over Bridge for people crossing road at Kadubeesanhalli, Outer Ring Road, Bengaluru.

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Economic progress of a city brings challenges to the life of people alongside the economic opportunities it provides to lakhs of its inhabitants. In Bengaluru certain pockets have large number of tech parks which have many companies housed in them. These tech parks have huge flow of vehicular traffic and pedestrians coming daily to work and earn livelihood. Some tech parks even claiming to have more number of people coming in than the population of some countries.

To ensure that the roads connecting clusters of tech park are running smoothly for the vehicular traffic, most of the roads connecting these tech parks have been made signal free. Although signal-free concept helps in free flow of traffic, it has a major implication on pedestrians. To reach there offices many of the employees, who are pedistrians cross roads which have no signals, no foot over bridges(FoB) and underpasses. This increases stress and anxiety in  the pedestrians. Accidents do happen, it has become a challenge to cross the high traffic roads. Before a major accident happens, let's ask concerned authorities to get a FoB constructed at Kadubeesanhalli as well. There are many tech parks in and around Kadubeesanahalli and this will immensely help the pedestrians crossing road and risking their lives. A FoB has been constructed in Bellandur which is providing great relief and safety to the pedestrians. It also helps traffic as vehicles don't have to stop because of pedestrians.

Please get a FoB constructed at Kadubeesanahalli and if possible at other high traffic zones across ORR as well.