Get Troy Baker back to voice Yuri Lowell for Tales of Vesperia - Definitive Edition!

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In 2008, Bandai Namco released Tales of Vesperia for the Xbox 360. This was a truly amazing entry in the series, with the game’s standout feature being it's believable, personable characters. The title’s excellent character writing was complemented by its voice acting, with the English cast truly bringing these characters to life. Among these fantastic actors was Troy Baker, who voiced the protagonist Yuri Lowell, and gave a stand-out performance with a confident delivery that was faithful to the character of Yuri. To the majority of English-speaks who enjoyed the game, Troy Baker is Yuri Lowell.

Now, a decade after the original game was published, Bandai Namco has announced a remastered edition of Tales of Vesperia with previously Japan-only content. This will be the first time international fans can officially experience the game to its fullest. However, while most of the original voice cast will be reprising their roles, a couple are noticeably absent, one of which being Troy Baker as Yuri Lowell.

While Bandai Namco are within their rights to choose which actors can audition for and ultimately fill a role, it's come to the attention of fans that Troy Baker didn't even know Tales of Vesperia was being remastered. Bandai Namco did not contact Baker about the remaster, despite how important the original role is to both fans and Baker himself. Upon discovery of his replacement, Baker tweeted that he felt “gutted,” and would’ve “jumped at the chance” to voice Yuri again if he was given the opportunity.

While we mean no disrespect to voice actor fill the role of Yuri in the remaster, the essence of Yuri’s character was expertly captured by Troy Baker in his original performance. We want Bandai Namco to know how important it is to both us fans and to the man himself that Troy Baker reprise his role of Yuri Lowell in Tales of Vesperia - Definitive Edition.

That's why we're asking you to help get Baker back for Vesperia early next year! Please sign this petition so we can send a message to Bandai Namco, and maybe even get Troy Baker back where he belongs, either from the get-go or through DLC.