Tekken 7 on Nintendo Switch

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Dear Bandai Namco and Tekken Development Team.

First, we would like to thank you for the latest DLC Announce/Release with Armor King & Craig Marduk. You guys did tremendous job, we appreciate your effort and we hope there will be even cooler features for our favourite game. This petition is about one of those cool features - possibility of porting Tekken 7 to Nintendo Switch.  

We - are those who interested in this happening. 

Tekken is one of the greatest titles among fighting games. It is known for a wide variety of characters, well-balanced gameplay and top notch tournaments, like TWT. Also, as we know, Tekken 7 successfully reached 3 millions sold copies in just one year since the release date, which only proves how popular this game series is. And with Nintendo Switch sales reaching 22M over roughly 1.5 years it would make a perfect combination. In his latest interview, Harada-san stated, that he “would like to know if fans are interested. That's why this petition was created. 

We do realize, there are lots of different factors that we might not be aware of, that has influence on Tekken Devteam/Bandai Namco decision regarding this port possibility. We understand, that it’s a certain risk for both teams. But if it's possible - please, make it happen.

Thank you.