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Have Starfy as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros.

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The purpose of this petition is to act as a medium to spread the support of the overlooked, but heroic and easy to love Nintendo character Starfy.

With the help of you, the fans, we can spread the petition and educate other Nintendo fans about Starfy, and encourage them to support him.

If you are a fan who supports Starfy's inclusion in Super Smash Bros., please sign and/or vote for him in the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot. This is the only way, because Masahiro Sakurai does not want us to suggest other characters through other mediums such as Twitter.


(The) Legendary Starfy is an overlooked Nintendo video game series developed by TOSE and published by Nintendo with five installments. Not many of the lesser known Nintendo series can boast this, and the series was quite popular in Japan.

It is still loved dearly by dedicated fans from around the world. It is frequently discussed on gaming discussion boards and blogs, has a following on DeviantArt and Pixiv and there is even a dedicated Starfy Wiki.

The games are very fun, and the series has a great number of unique things about it. It includes many likable characters such as Starfy, Moe and Ogura who are some of the most expressive Nintendo characters around. There is great variety in the story. Starfy has already visited three kingdoms including his home kingdom Pufftop which rests high in the sky above the clouds, the distant Amiy Kingdom and Planet Bunnera. The first three games in the Legendary Starfy series touched on character development, changing the stereotype of Ogura being a typical 'bad guy' into simply a character who is misunderstood in Legendary Starfy 3.

The soundtrack has a variety of great themes that could be incorporated into Super Smash Bros. such as the main theme (Umi no Neiro), Lobber's Villa (from Legendary Starfy 4), The "Let's Go!" theme (from The Legendary Starfy), Stranded Whale (from Legendary Starfy) and Pitch Dark Cave (from Legendary Starfy 2). It also has a handful of great loved CM songs, which some fans may not know, such as Umi no Neiro as sung by Japanese tarento Becky.

We firmly believe that Starfy could be adapted to be a great fighter. The Balloon vehicle from the Game Boy Advance games would be a perfect recovery move. The Powerful Spin from Legendary Starfy 4 would be a suitable Side Special Move, as well.

We feel that the Legendary Starfy deserves more recognition. In the same way that Ness and Lucas helped turn the MOTHER series into a loved franchise, we feel that adding Starfy and embracing his legacy will promote both Smash Bros. and the original series.

It would also be nice for Starfy to be included in the character roster with Kirby. Hitoshi Yamagami said that while Kirby is very active in the sky, Starfy is very active in the sea.

Thank you for your consideration.

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