Port Dragon Ball: Zenkai Battle for PS4 and Xbox One

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It's been over more than 7 years since the release of "Dragon Ball: Zenkai Battle Royale" and 3 years since its subsequent update, "Dragon Ball: Zenkai Battle" in Japanese arcades. It has amassed a pretty good player base in Japan in those years and has experience a ton of success, but the problem is that all that success is relegated to JUST Japan. The Dragon Ball community is certainly not limited to just Japan. And in the case of the video game side of the franchise, this is indeed certainly something that is appealing. A 3D fighter in the vein of Budokai Tenkaichi and Raging Blast that is developed by Spike Chunisoft, who on top of also developing the aforementioned games also developed One Piece: Burning Blood and J-Stars: Victory Vs, whose game mechanics are much more complex than the average button mashers and allows for things like combos and actual skill??!!! SIGN. ME. UP. Because Zenkai Battle is all that and more. 

 This game most definitely has an appeal in the west. There are numerous fans in the west that are begging Bandai Namco for a release in the west and this petition could possibly be the only to have our voices projected and heard. Forget Battle of Z! Forget Xenoverse! (not FighterZ, that game is a godsend). Help Zenkai Battle reach the west and on our home consoles!