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Dragon Ball FighterZ original anime OST

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The whole world of video game fans, Versus Fighting games fans and Dragon Ball fans has been shaken since Dragon Ball FighterZ has been announced. This game feels like the dream we all had since we were children. The attention to detail, the explosiveness of the fights, the gorgeous graphics are all a tribute to the gigantic earthquake this game is about to bring, all thanks to Bandai Namco and Arc System Works.

During one of her interviews, Tomoko Hiroki-san, the producer of Dragon Ball FighterZ, said that if the demand was high enough, the idea of integrating the original japanese ost from the anime to the game would be taken into account.

I think I can say that the vast, vast majority of us would love to see the OST integrated to the game, making it the perfect Dragon Ball game. You know what to do. Sign, share and spread, and make the change hapen.

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