DBZ XV2 1.16 update , OR DBZ XV3!!!

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Bandai, Dimps , Please listen, and feel the concern of your people, your fans! We need more transformations!

Either in Xenoverse 2 Winter update 2018, Or , Xenoverse 3 2019/2020!

You could of gave Saiyans Great Ape, And Golden Great Ape!
Great ape be like giant form for namekians, but for saiyans, WITH a strike super build!

Golden Great Ape could be the Ki Blast Build of great ape and have Ki abilities that are different from regular great ape, besides looking golden instead of brown.

Now if the Great Ape forms get added in xenoverse 3 or xenoverse 2, we need animated tails too go with... anyhow or anyways, back to transformations....

What other transformations could every race get?

Saiyans- Ultra blue(ssgss evolved), Ssgss kioken(x4, x10 , x 20),
Legendary super saiyan ( broly and kales LSSJ 1-2),
Controlled super saiyan(brolys form with redish purple hair),
Goku SSG-(super saiyan god strike supers)
Vegeta SSG-(super saiyan god ki blast supers)
Super Saiyan 4 Goku(strike supers, character has different hairstyles in ssj4 , for each hairstyle, body changes in each armor, eyes are yellow, hair as long as goku`s  SSJ4 and cac hairs color!)
Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta-(Ki Blast supers, character has different hairstyles in ssj4 , for each hairstyle, body changes in each armor, eyes are Greenish Blue, hair as long as Vegeta`s SSJ4 and cac hairs color!)
Super saiyan Rose( could be like ssgss but stronger ki blast supers , and a little stronger basic attack, and strike supers!)
Mastered ultra instinct(silver hair and eyes cac, increases all damage by alot, increases attack speed, auto dodge!)
Fusion(Potara or Dance!)

Skinny buu
Super Buu
pure progress
ultra instinct
Fusion(Potara or Dance!)

Power pole, master roshi buff, pure progress , ultra instinct, Fusion(Potara or Dance!)

freiza race-
Allow us to make more character slots for our freiza race character, or give us a custom page where we can make our first, second, third, fourth, fifth, final, and full power form! maybe even add a metalic cooler form, and a full power golden form!  Ultra Instinct!
Fusion(Potara or Dance!)

Namekian-( red eyes, ex fusions, Super Namekian!
Also Potara or Dance Fusion!

Lastly new races and powers!
Fusion For all Races, how it could work is you to do a pose in battle, or a accessory, Potara Earings gives you a skill, do pose , then player one controls movement and for a limited time, then it reverses to player two, or, you can press a button to swap turns when in fusion, that or just create two new characters both fusion cacs that look the same , and they fight! Hell it`s Xenoverse here everyone!

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