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What is the issue?

Every day companies like My Media Games, Net Real Solutions and Taptronic/ Fit Guru are scamming people by subscribing them to apps and services without their knowledge and billing them through their telephone providers. They claim that their victims have signed on and show 'proof' by a time stamp or claim you entered websites you never seen before and refuse to pay the money back. The scammers use call centres specifically to 'unsubscribe'  the victims. The phone providers refund the victims but that isn't solving the problem. In simple terms, the scammers are stealing your money!

What can you do?

Many people do not bother to take action because of the small sums of money or because they think they were careless when browsing even though they were not careless. Unfortunately, many vulnerable people have lost hundreds of pounds because they are being billed every week and may not even know until it is too late.

Protect yourselves by:

  • barring all third party billings with your telephone provider, it works.
  • reporting all scams to your provider and the PSA (see below) make sure you are responded to and send as much evidence as possible
  • sign this petition, contact your MP, report it to your news media, spread the word by social media and all means possible
  • Ensure you submit bad reviews about the scammers on Trust Pilot and any other review website or network. Some of the companies complain and try to get the reviews removed or changed, which means they don't like it!. Include the companies that are billing on behalf of the scammers, e.g. Txtnation (who bill for My Media Games and other scammers), as they are involved directly or indirectly.
  • write out your views on a PSA consultation, which closes this month. Go onto the PSA website, below & check it out.

What will this petition help to achieve?

 We want the regulators, authorities and phone companies force the scammers to stop or put them out of business. If you look up these companies they proudly claim to be supported by the major phone providers, you can see this because the phone provider logos are splashed on their websites. This gives the impression that My Media Games, Fitguru, et al are OK. The scammers appear to be legal companies but you won't find My Media Games address or a direct telephone number anywhere. This petition is going to the major phone providers in the hope they will stamp on these companies thus protecting their customers.


The main regulator is the Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA), the website is at

I recommend the following website for advice

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!