Ban Snakes being used for entertainment in nightclubs.

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Snakes are being used all over the UK for entertainment in nightclubs. You wouldn’t take a dog or cat to a nightclub so why is it okay to take a snake. All the vibration and noises in the club would distress the snake. Snakes are very docile creatures and being in the nightclub environment would distress them greatly.  In my opinion it’s animal cruelty letting intoxicated people pass snakes around in nightclubs during freshers week as snakes are not meant to be constantly handled and like to be left alone for the majority of the day. If you have a pet dog or cat I very much doubt you would like multiple drunk people start touching them and picking them up and using flash photography constantly around them. Vibrations in the nightclub would also be an issue which could distress the snakes as snakes are very sensitive to vibrations and touch so they would be constantly overwhelmed in this environment. I am hoping that this petition will get enough signatures so that animal protection services will take notice and try to intervene or enforce stricter regulations for snakes being in public venues