Ban massage therapists from offering and performing reflexology as a service and modality

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  • Massage therapists are usually not properly trained to perform reflexology with their massage therapy training alone, as many schools do not add it as part of their ciriculum (or only cover minimal information about reflexology).
  • Despite many massage therapists’ lack of proper training for reflexology, the state of Tennessee (and many other states) allow massage therapists to perform reflexology as a service and modality, which raises a safety/health concern since massage therapists are not properly trained in reflexology.
  • Allowing massage therapists to perform reflexology without the proper training and certification is a safety/health concern because the massage therapists are not trained to look for many possible medical issues with the feet. For example, if a client has plantar warts (which can be contagious) a massage therapist would not be able to identify this like a certified reflexologist would because they lack the proper training. The massage therapist can then go on to infect other clients and themselves. Also, if a medical issue does arise, the massage therapist will not be properly trained to work around the issue.
  • Another point to consider is client’s finances. It is not fair for client’s to pay for a service, but then have an untrained and uncertified specialist perform it. A big aspect of reflexology (besides relaxation) is all the health benefits that can come with it. A massage therapist will probably not be able to produce many of the health benefits associated with reflexology, due to their lack of training. They will not be able to use proper techniques or adjust treatments accordingly, robbing clients of their money and experience. Again, it is very unfair to clients because they are paying top dollar for a service being performed by an untrained and uncertified massage therapist.
  • If massage therapists want to offer reflexology, they need to go through the proper training. In Tennessee, you must obtain 200 minimum of credit hours. Therefore, a massage therapist should have to go through this training and become licensed with the state in order to offer reflexology.
  • Signing this petition will help raise awareness of this issue to the Massage Board. They need to hear us and our concerns and correct these wrongs. If they ignore us, massage therapists will keep putting clients at risk and will keep cheating clients out of money, so we must speak up and be known.
  • Also, this petition is to raise awareness worldwide, in a variety of different areas. This petition is not just for Tennessee. I use Tennessee to explain certain points.