Syrians for Staffan de Mistura's resignation from the post of UN Special Envoy for Syria


Mr. Ban Ki-moon
Secretary General
United Nations

Dear Mr. Secretary General,

In July 2014, Staffan de Mistura was appointed as UN Special Envoy for Syria. His main task was to establish a political dialogue on possible ways to solve the Syrian crisis. However, he has not achieved any substantial results. The Syrian conflict is still continuing and the number of casualties, especially among civilians, is dramatically rising.
From the moment Staffan de Mistura was appointed as Special Envoy for Syria to late 2014, more than 38,000 civilians, mostly women and children, were killed. According to the international human rights organizations, 97,707 people more including 24,725 civilians have been killed since the beginning of 2015.
These appalling figures, which keep increasing, prove that Staffan de Mistura's activity on settling the Syrian crisis has resulted in total failure. In such a situation, however, he keeps enviable calm and doesn't make any attempts to resume the ceasefire which was so hard to achieve through the intermediary of the US and Russia.
The Syrians are tired of war and have almost lost their faith in the UN as an influential international organization that would be able to restore peace. That is why we demand that de Mistura must be removed from office and a new UN Special Envoy for Syria appointed. We deeply believe that a person of high professional skills and influence should be appointed to this position. These qualities will enable him to bring all the sides interested in putting the end to this purposeless massacre to the table and convince them that a compromise settlement can only be reached via mutual incentives.
This is the only way to bring long-anticipated peace to Syria!

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