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Goa was a Portuguese colony and Indian government annexed Goa on 19 December 1961. After the invasion, steps were taken by the Indian government to integrate Goans into the Indian Union]. Prime Minister Jawarlal Nehru had in 1954 promised to Goans that it is in the interest of the Indian Nation that Portuguese must go and that Goans will not be brought into the Indian Union through Coercion. At an emergency UNSC meet on 18 December 1961, to discuss the Goan crises, a resolution seeking the withdrawal of the Indian forces out of Goa, was vetoed by the USSR, despite getting majority votes. That night, Mr. C. S. Jha, the Indian Ambassador to the United Nations conceded that it is now the time for all the UN resolutions pertaining to de-colonized territories to come into play. The UNO General Assembly had already adopted a resolution 1514 (XV) of 14 December 1960 on the granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples. But instead holding an exercise of self-determination monitored under the UN, the Indian Election Commission and the Military government in control over Goa held the first, Legislative Assembly elections in 1963. Goa is probably the only decolonized territory which was deprived of having a plebiscite. Goan's always wanted a unique identity from India. They uniquely participated in the decolonization from Portugal, following decolonization did not want the merger of then union territory of Goa with Maharashtra through opinion poll subsequently asked for statehood of Goa, and continue to work towards the recognition of Roman script for Konkani.
The resolution for special status was already passed and approved by Assembly and Mr. Parrikar along with the entire team of special status demanders went to the centre to get it approved. In addition, promises were made by the BJP Congress every govt including Modi and Parrikar to Goans to get a special status. Therefore BJP got majority and won. However, after election they refused.. The entire team of Special Status along with Parrikar met Modi . However, Goas dear Modi rejected the proposal saying " we cant give special status to Goans, as every state will demand the same. Andra Pradesh , Assam etc are also demanding this status. Constitution doesnt allow. Moreover, Modi said no to Goans because he wanted the real estate to bloom in Goa. So once and for all. Goans will never get special status. Hence all the team members comprising of experts and Mr. Parrikar had to come back home

Hence to protect our ethnic identity culture of Goa we want to have a separate country


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