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Ban harmful GMO foods that lead to illness and disease overtime

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After taking a continuing education course to renew my board licensure with the Department of Health in the state I Florida, I realized how Genetically Modified Foods (GMO's) are killing us.

Let me explain how this is happening...

The corporation Monsanto, creator of GMO foods as well as chemicals like agent orange, has deceived the general population into thinking GMO food is safe to eat.  Now you are not going to fall over dead from eating an ear of GMO corn on the cob, but let me explain what happens when regularly consumed.

Monsanto has done a great job of trying to cover up that GMO foods ONLY yield around 10% of the nutritional value of say organic or conventional crops which yield 100% of their nutritional values.

Cells in our bodies require a certain amount of nutrition to stay alive and be healthy and this happens when we eat and drink.

Over time we have become a society of convenience which has led us into more and more processed foods.  Processed can mean Mechanically processed or Chemically processed.  Chemically processed foods like white sugar, white flour end up changing these food molecules into something our bodies don't really recognize so instead of our bodies being able to process and digest these foods properly, it ends up storing it in places like fat, cholesterol, etc.. which inflames the body.  On top of that... Because our cells aren't able to get the nutrition they need because of the GMO foods that are used in many of the things we eat, we end up having a low immune system which isn't able to fight off illness like it should.

What happens when we don't get the 100% nutritional value from the food we consume is that our bodies are still hungry and will try to eat enough to make up for only 10% that GMO foods are providing. 

We have a health epidemic going on in the United States.  We're malnurished but we're overweight.  There's a rise in arthritis, diabetes, cancer, etc...

GMO's are currently banned in over 60+ major countries.  Let's add the United States to that list and help our citizens be healthier and lower the amount of healthcare needed as a result.

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