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Ban hanging meat on the streets....

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Now a days, we often see more and more mutton shops are coming up for selling meat. Especially at the city outskirts, where population is growing, such shops are ever increasing. And most of these shops are housed in temporary structures and bound to be illegal.

As seen in the photo, these shops are hanging the dead animals at the front of their shops. And most of the customers who go there to buy meat, seem to have no issue with this.

Issue #1 - Most of the times the major portion of the footpaths are encroached by such businesses and so pedestrians are forced to walk on a road, or away from the shops, putting them into a danger of getting hit by a running vehicle

Issue #2 - It is highly unhygienic to keep such meat in open since it attracts mosquitoes and flies, which in turn spreads dangerous diseases.

Issue #3 - It is highly unhygienic to eat such meat.

Issue #4 - It is a shame to look at such a filthy scene. It is clear a ''visual pollution''  case.

Issue #5 - For those who do not like to eat meat, it is forceful visual and mental  abuse for them.

My appeal to the concerned bodied of government is to

1. Ban such meat getting hung in the shops

2. Ban such illegal shops

3. Increase awareness in the public to follow hygiene in such cases

4. Develop infrastructure for the public to raise voice against such cases


I look forward to your support and a clean-healthy-safe India!

Sanjay Hejib


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