Ban Ground Trawling in Australian Waters

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Ground trawling is a method of fishing that many big corporations do. Heavy trawl nets are towed by a boat along the sea floor (bottom trawl). They are shaped like a cone or funnel with a wide opening to catch fish or crustaceans. Bottom trawls cause the most destruction, as they bulldoze deep-sea coral reefs and other seafloor ecosystems where many sea animals live or breed. The worst offenders are shrimp trawlers, who often discard up to 10 pounds of sea life for each pound of shrimp they catch. 

If we continue bottom trawling, our seas will be empty by the next century. Is this what we want for our children and grandchildren?

Our mission is to ban ground trawling in Australian waters for good. If 100 people join the petition, we will notify our local member, who may address this issue in state parliament. By joining this petition, you could be part of a change that could save our oceans, and ensure a more sustainable future for us and future generations.