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Ban Dylan Caboche from Horse-Racing

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A massive outrage today as Jockey Dylan Cabouche (22) upper-cut the beautiful horse known by the name of "She's Reneldasgirl" in her ribcage using the tip of his whip due to how distressed and unsettled she was about entering the barrier. She’s Renaldasgirl was still made to race, coming in 10th out of 12 horses.

Australians are terrified that if this is how the certified jockey is treating this innocent horse while cameras are on him, how does he treat them while he is out of the public eye?

Horse-racing has already become such a controversial "sport" that is being discouraged by so many Australians and a dramatic drop in Melbourne Cup attendance each year since 2011 to 2017 (Flemington, 2017).

Our love for animals has always been due to their innocence and loyalty. These beautiful horses did not consent to being used and whipped for human entertainment, however we are told to simply accept it because these horses are "treated like Royalty". But when we see the racing industry and organisations such as Thoroughbred Racing SA simply shrug off two accounts of abuse, one copping a $500 fine and the other, a small 2 week suspension both happening in just under 4 months. Jockeys who physically abuse animals should be held accountable and an example should be made of them by not only being suspended, but also having a life-ban passed down from the industry due to the fact that they blatantly do not respect the animals and by default, the so called "sport".

As reported on 9 news, Thoroughbred Racing SA Spokesperson said "TRSA does not condone and will not tolerate such behaviour and it is hoped this penalty - which will reman on the rider's record and will impact his earning ability - will send a strong signal to others." (TRSA, 2017). However, it is very likely not to, just as the small $500 fine in August 2017 for jockey Brandon Stockdale's misconduct in striking a horse "Maid to Measure" in the stomach. Stockdale tried to justify his animal abuse by using "being frustrated" as an excuse to hurt an innocent animal. 

Chairman of Stewards - Johan Petzer needs to take action towards the staff he hired who were in charge of the horses abused and needs to implement a policy to ensure in the future, when he hires staff who then witness any animal abuse, do their job of looking after the horse properly by actually speaking up or even preventing it; unlike what was seen on the video captured of Cabouche, where the horse steward did not even flinch after the horse recoiled from the strong and abusive punch.

We are asking for these jockeys along with the others who will inevitably follow in their footsteps, a full ban from the industry in order to actually be taught a lesson... this is of course if the TRSA and horse racing industries really care about the welfare of their horses as they claim to... 

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