Ban Disrespectful Logan Paul and co. from Japan Permanently!

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First issue:

As much of the internet is aware, Logan Paul and friends visited Japan again. During their visit, they entered a restricted part of the Aokigahara forest (known to some as the suicide forest) when they came across a suicide victim that they then proceeded to film and upload as a vlog (now deleted) on Logan's Youtube channel. They not only show the suicide victim but film the corpse from different angles and zoom in on things such as the hands. The group stands in close vicinity to the body while making innaproriate comments. This was highly disrespectful toward the suicide victim and his family

Second issue:

(Not mine, Credit to “The Japanese Man Yuta”)

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Logan Paul and his brother Jake Paul are known by many on the internet for being two very disrespectful individuals. While in Japan, Logan Paul and friends are seen being very distasteful and rude towards Japanese citizens. In vlogs, you see Logan doing things such as pulling his pants down in public (exposing his underwear/bare legs), running through crowds with friends while screaming, and being told to leave a Shinto Shrine by the police. He shows distasteful behavior towards many, including people who are just trying to do their jobs. While in a video game store, Logan Paul starts talking about the gameboy color as he proceeds to purchase one and then throw it onto the shop floor. Logan Paul then takes it to a store employee and tells him that it is "much-o broken-o." He even goes to a market and buys raw seafood with which he then takes into the city and puts by people's faces. He then leaves the raw seafood on the back of a taxi cab.


He and his friends continue to create a bad reputation of Americans in Japan. Logan Paul is a nuisance to the Japanese public. Logan Paul's young fanbase sees this behavior as acceptable.



Receive enough signatures to send this petition to the United States Japanese Embassy who can hopefully pass this on to the Japanese Government.


Ban Logan Paul and friends from entering Japan permanently.

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