Ban 1080 poisons!

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The extremely toxic poison of  Sodium fluoroacetate, commonly called 1080, has been widely distributed in Australia extensively to kill so-called “pest” species, such as foxes, rabbits, wallabies, cats, feral pigs, and wild dogs. The eradication program has seen numbers drop tremendously but taking with it a large chunk of our natives leading to large falls in populations of Kookaburras, Eagles, Butcher birds, and Quolls, where these carnivorous animals share an important part of our ecology and with natural selection keep numbers of feral animals controlled.  In addition, poisoned animals may contaminate nearby waterways. Faecal contamination of waterways by wallabies killed by 1080 has been raised as an issue in parliamentary enquiries already but still nothing has been done to stop the program. 

1080 is an extremely dangerous poison and results in death every time it is ingested if not, extreme and permanent injury and illness when absorbed or inhaled. There are reports that the Nazis considered using the poison on Jewish prisoners in concentration camps but decided not to because of the danger to the guards. 1080 certainly causes a great deal of suffering, but there’s no proof that it offers a real solution to environmental damage from introduced or “pest” species. The so-called “culling” of animals is neither a suitable nor an effective method of limiting populations. In fact, it can often lead to an increase in the number of animals present in a given area, as it creates a more suitable habitat for increased reproduction. 

With this method of controlling non indigenous species, it comes to my attention that we as Australians need to stick together and bring this into consideration now and for the future as this country depends on the existence of our native wildlife.