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Make Changes to the canteen at Balwyn High School

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For years, the canteen has provided the Balwyn High School community with terrible, overpriced food and drinks. Since the canteen is a 'monopoly market', the workers don't feel the need to treat customers with respect, as a business should nor provide them with high-quality products. Students have experienced customer service and treatment, which in the real-world would be deemed unethical and inappropriate. Some examples of this are: giving back the incorrect change on multiple occasions, no gloves being used whilst staff touch money and other dirty objects before distributing food to students, canteen workers not giving students their food until they display "correct manners", refusing to split bills with purchase and constantly changing prices without notice (changing prices on wraps without even showing the new price).

In addition to this, students are escorted out of the canteen simply because they're not "in-line." Students cannot sit at tables and chairs inside the canteen to eat and are refused entry even while browsing the menu. This also occurs when the canteen is practically empty.

Furthermore, the vending machines are 'out of use' during school hours as they compete with the canteen. Competition should be encouraged and necessary in any market.

Many students have complained about the service and products offered, feeling as though they have no control over the situation. There are students who have no option but to eat at the canteen on a daily basis, and to treat them in this manner, is both unreasonable and unjust. 


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